Presbytery Supports Faithful Presbyterians 
Thursday, November 16, 2006, 11:58 AM - Church

Eastminster Presbytery has the heartbreaking task of ministering to pastors and some members of two churches who want to leave the Presbyterian Church (USA) yet take the Presbyterian Church's property with them.

While it is fine for a member or minister to leave the Presbyterian Church (USA) because they don't agree with the church or simply find God calling them elsewhere; it is not fine to violate the trust given to pastor when Presbytery installs a pastor in a Presbyterian Church and attempt to take the church members and property away from the Presbyterian Church (USA). Such action violates their ordination vows and the constitution of our church while being destructive to the witness, ministry and mission of the whole church.

Reading their reasons reminds me of children taking a family home away from elderly parents because they are "in the way" and the children don't want to support them anymore.

Other “reasons” simply aren't true and sadly remind me of political attack ads.

I have some information elsewhere on my web site and there is an excellent blog called the Eastminster Observer that I can recommend for an elder's view of the situation. As well as Eastminster Presbytery's web site

Let's hope and pray the faithful Presbyterians of Eastminster Presbytery including those of the Stow and Hudson Presbyterian churches will find a faithful way together without extreme measures of kicking family members out of their home.


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